Permanent and Semi-Permanent Tents

Are you looking for a tent that's more than just a tent? Check out Coverdomes. They are great for:

From agriculture to industry, warehousing to work-space, Coverdomes provide a safe, secure, pleasant working environment. Why rent or purchase a Coverdome?

  • Fast

    • Coverdomes can be installed much more quickly than traditional buildings.

  • Affordable

    • The savings go beyond the affordable purchase price. Excavation costs for preparing the site for your Coverdome are minimal since you can build your Coverdome on many surfaces without an expensive foundations.

    • Translucent fabric reduces lighting cost. 

  • Flexible
    • Your Coverdome can be installed on any surface type from grass to stone to a concrete pad.

    • Unlike a wood frame building, your Coverdome can easily be expanded, moved, disassembled, or resold.

  • Strong

    • 90 mile per hour wind load rating

    • Rated to withstand 30 pounds of snow load per square foot. Higher rating available

    • 12.4 once fabric (23 mil)

    • 12' truss spacing (10' available)

    • "Gatorshield" galvanized steel

  • More

    • 15 year warranty on fabric and frame

    • Easy ventilation with optional side curtains or vents. 

    • Custom sizes will fit your requirements perfectly.

    • With no interior supports, you can make use of every inch.

    • Have peace of mind inside a flame retardant Coverdome.

Contact us to learn how a Coverdome can meet your needs.