How to electronically sign paperwork on a PC or Mac:

Sign on iPhone or iPad    Sign on Android    Sign on Mac

Begin by going to and install Adobe Reader if you have not already.

Go to your email and double click the attached contract. It will now open in Adobe Reader.


Click the Fill & Sign button on the right hand side. It will bring up this bar at the top of the screen.


Click Sign.



Click Add Signature.


Type your name and click Apply. It will bring you back to the contract. 


Instead of your mouse pointer, you will see your signature sliding around the page. Position it on the signature line and click.


At the top left corner of the screen click File. Click Send File. Click Attach to Email.


Select Default email application or webmail. Check Remember my choice. Click Continue.

It will then open a new email screen with the signed contract attached. Enter the email address in the To… box and send!