You can view some of the many different arrangements we have come up with in order to maximize the space and occupants of our tents. Browse through our tent table layout ideas to find one to suit your specific occasion.

What’s the best way to lay out the tables and chairs in a tent? Begin by thinking about the flow of people? What do you want to have located centrally? The head table, the dance floor? If you plan to have a buffet table, place it close to the caterer’s preparation area. Don’t forget the cake table and gift table. After these items are in place, you can fill in with rectangle or round seating tables. Either style takes about the same amount of space.

Tents for rent made our daughter’s day a great success. Setup and take down was quick, and they pay attention to detail so plants were not harmed. The help with table layout was a big help. Thanks again.
— Glenn Burkhart