Washing Tents

As part of our commitment to giving you excellent service and quality tents, we now have a tent washing machine (the largest in the industry) to keep our tent fabric looking its best.

We also offer custom tent washing for your tent fabric. Our goal is to make you and your tents look great. Our new tent washer can clean your largest tents (up to 5,000 square feet per load). We meticulously wash and dry each tent. Here is a brief overview of the process:

  1. When you drop off the tents for washing, we require a complete list of the tents, sizes and your identifying tent number.

  2. Next we open and inspect each section of fabric. We also coil the ropes and wire tie them in place to avoid tangling and damage during the washing process.

  3. We then sprinkle soap onto the fabric and load it gently into the washer. We use only the highest quality soap to be sure that your tents are cleaned without causing damage to the fibers of the fabric.

  4. We select a wash cycle that is appropriate for the level of soiling on the tent. The washer then slowly, gently tumbles the fabric and rinses it three times to remove the soap residue. The temperature of this water is carefully controlled to be warm enough to clean the tent without melting the delicate vinyl fabric. This 90 minute process brings even the dirtiest tents out clean and white. Each load uses 600 gallons of recycled soft rainwater to remove soap residue that can damage tent fabric

  5. When the cycle is complete, we remove the tents and hang them with a block and tackle pulley system and rinse them again to remove any remaining soap residue.

  6. After the tents have dried sufficiently, we rearrange them and check for moisture in the seams and creases of the fabric.

  7. We allow them to dry for additional time so that they are completely dry and will not allow mildew to form.

  8. After the tents are completely dry, we lower them, fold them carefully, put them back into their bags and notify you that they are ready for pickup.

As an additional service, we also offer minor repairs and pinhole patching of tents as well.

We now offer special pricing for tents delivered for washing between November 1 and January 31. Please contact us for more information on keeping your tents pristine for your next event.

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Our family is basking in the glow of a completely satisfying family reunion event. The tent was perfect - clean and beautiful, and it helped create a festive atmosphere.
— Nancy Rohrer Sauder