Hurricane Weddings

Numerous couples had weddings planned for the weekend that hurricane Irene arrived. We were able to save the day for a number of weddings. The rain created many challenges. However, the weddings went on in spite of all the rain and wind. Here are two articles about it:

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Well, Hurricane Irene came, saw, and conquered.

She may have put a “damper” on some east coaster’s plans, but for those getting married, it was just the opposite.

Luckily, for the special couples that secured Saturday, August 27th, 2011 as their wedding date, had many fine wedding professionals that helped make their big day a success without a flaw, or drop of water!

We were so impressed by the performance of Tents For Rent LLC that we want to share the story of the extremes they went to ensure that one wedding in particular went off without a hitch, or a drop. Daryl Sensenig and the staff of Tents for Rent LLC  provided a tent for Kristin Keating’s wedding, which hosted 325 people outside the Keating family home in Haverford, PA.

“The hurricane made the installation challenging because it rained during a large portion of the wedding. The day before the wedding, we added 170’ of covered walkway to accommodate the guests coming into the cocktail tent. We also added flooring to the cocktail tent on the Saturday morning of the wedding. The flooring had to be brought in from Washington DC at the last minute in order to fill the requirements.”

“During the wedding, the tents held up very well in the wind. There was a tremendous amount of water runoff that came through the tent because of all the rain, and the floor became flooded in spots. However, everyone had a great time.”

The Keating family was absolutely overjoyed with the services that Tents For Rent LLC provided that day. Daryl fondly remembered a quote from the client, “I cannot get over how we pulled this off. Everything was carried out with heroic efforts. Truly, I feel like I was working with the Red Cross!  Everyone, I cannot thank you enough for the beauty of the evening.  I cannot tell you how many people told me it was the best wedding they ever attended …the most beautiful wedding they ever attended and the warmest most relaxed (ah HEM…well, we know the truth on that one…) wedding on record, and they had more fun than they ever had a wedding.”

So yes, if your wedding has any outdoor components to it, there is absolutely always the chance of rain. In this case, the most important thing to remember is to always have a rain plan. Discuss the rain plan with your wedding professionals so they know exactly what you want and they can offer you advice on how rain plans typically play out at your specific venue. Just remember…you are marrying your best friend and no amount of rain can ruin your unconditional love for each other. Plus rain is good luck, right?

Bravo to Tents For Rent LLC! You made another couple’s wedding day unforgettable and reminded us all in the biz that the show must go on…even in a hurricane!