Sailcloth Tents

Recently a new style of tent has been introduced. It has its roots in the nautical industry and it is increasingly popular for all types of events. Inspired by the sea, it is constructed of sail cloth material. With nautical flair, the sculpted peaks and eaves combine with a no-valance design, creating an open air event space like nothing you’ve seen before. The translucence of sail cloth enhances daytime events with natural light, and positively glows when lit for evening gatherings. The tents have rounded ends and have 10’ openings between the sidepoles. They come in a wide range of sizes:

20’x17’, 20’x27’, 20’x37’

32’x 30’, 32’x40’, 32’x50’, 32’x60’

44’x43’, 44’x63’, 44’x83’, 44’x103’, 44’x123’

We are considering adding these tents to our inventory and we’d like to get your feedback about these tents. Would you be interested in them? Do you like the look of them? The cost to rent them would likely be about 25% more than a similarly sized standard pole tent. Contact us to let us know what you think. We look forward to hearing from you.