George Washington's Tent Set to Go on Display

George Washington lived in what is known as the "First Oval Office" for eight years during the Revolutionary War. It was a 15' x 22' oval canvas tent that served as his sleeping, dining and meeting quarters. It was 9' tall with 5' doorways. It is being painstakingly restored to be put on display when the Museum of the American Revolution opens in 2016. Extreme care must be taken when handling the very fragile fabric. A frame is being constructed to support the tent without putting stress on the fabric, but this frame will be invisible to museum visitors.

George Washington's tent/marquee/oval office
George Washington's tent/marquee/oval office

Until then, a replica tent has been made at Colonial Williamsburg. It was hand sewn, since the sewing machine had not yet been invented in Washington's day. This replica will be a travelling exhibit.

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