How to Plan an Outdoor Graduation Party

   A 20x40 tent is one of our most popular tent sizes for a backyard graduation party


A 20x40 tent is one of our most popular tent sizes for a backyard graduation party

Your graduate has finally accomplished that amazing milestone of completing another stage of their education. This only happens once and a celebration would be in order. With the help of Tents For Rent and our knowledgeable event planners, we can help you make this an enjoyable event and not one you have to dread planning. Here are pointers for giving your grad the party they have earned.

Plan the Date. Not surprisingly, quite a few of your graduate's friends may also be planning a party around the same time. So unless you want only Grandma to arrive, check when others are planning their parties. 

Plan your Budget. Knowing what you want to spend ahead of time will make planning easier. At Tents For Rent we will be glad to work with you to keep your event in line with your budget. With a backyard party in a tent, a budget does not mean a boring party.

Plan the Guest List. Knowing how many people you would like to have will determine the tent size and how many tables and chairs to reserve. 

Plan the Style. A casual, relaxed style with brown folding chairs will be cheaper, but maybe you want to add some flair with round tables and white padded chairs. Don't forget the lighting to set the mood. You have several different lighting options.

Plan the Rest of the Party. Of course don't forget the food! Making the food yourself will be cheaper, but calling a caterer will save you stress on the day of the event. Remember tables for the buffet and gifts. Did you plan the decor? What about the balloons? And the cake!

Contact us today and get started planning the event to celebrate your graduate's success. The sooner you get your tents, tables, and chairs reserved the more options there will be.

 Graduation caps off to a memorable graduation party!