Keep it Cool in a Tent

How is that possible in July and August? During the summer months, we get many questions about cooling tents for weddings, graduations, parties and corporate events. Two of the most common requests are air conditioning and mister fans also known as swamp coolers.

Air conditioning is a very excellent option. It keeps the tent cool and comfortable and works well in all types of summer weather. However, many people find the cost prohibitive. There are many variables, but the cost is often $3 - $4 per square foot to cool a tent for a single event. The reason for this is that tents are not at all insulated or air tight. So, massive generators and air conditioners are required to cool a tent. This requires a large amount of labor for installation and fuel for the generators.

Misting fans or swamp coolers are very effective at cooling in dry climates like Arizona. However, in the northeast where the humidity is high, we've had more limited success with them. They do provide some cooling. However, as they cool, they do increase the humidity. Also, they tend to make the people near them wet, especially when the humidity is high. If this is the desired effect, then it's a good way to cool off, but in some events, this may not be as appropriate.

The most popular way to cool a tent is to combine the shade of the tent with the natural breezes. In many cases, this is sufficient, but if you're looking for something more that is reasonably economical, small fans are a nice add-on that will help you have a cool party even in the hot summer. We offer two sizes and styles of fans. Our large 30" pedestal fans move the most air. The smaller 12" fans mount on the tent sidepoles. They are very quiet and unobtrusive. They are all white and work well even at a wedding. If you have any more questions, feel free to contact us. We want to make your event easy and comfortable. Enjoy the summer!