3 Considerations to Make When Deciding Which Table Shape is Right for Your Wedding


One of the biggest challenges that a wedding planner (professional, bride, groom, whoever) faces is seating. Before the bride and groom can sit down and figure out who sits where they have to figure out what type of wedding tables they want. It might sound trivial, but those who've dealt with the pros and cons of table shapes know just how frustrating it can be. So to help your decision, here are some factors to consider when deciding on a shape.

Your first consideration should be the size of your venue. The average number of wedding guests, according to the Knot's 2014 Real Weddings Study, is 136 people. So, if you're nearing the limits of your venue, using rectangular tables might help efficiently utilize the space. However, if size and space aren't an issue, using round tables can work perfectly. That said, you can seat it doesn't make a huge difference either way. Also, if you have enough room, you can always mix and match round and rectangular tables for a fun design.

This is where pre-planning really comes in handy. You could decide you want round tables with six people at a table, and then when you get everything laid out on the tabletop, you figure out you really only have room for five people per table. Which would cause a last-minute headache that nobody wants to deal with. As a general rule, you should allow 2 feet of space per person, including your wedding chairs of choice and any flatware and elbow room. Remember to keep people's comfort in mind when making design decisions and keep centerpieces tasteful and simple.

Even if you put all the great aunts and uncles that you've never actually met all at the same table, chances are that they'll still want to talk to one another. Round tables tend to be the best option if you' want to involve the entire table, whereas rectangular tables will often only allow for a few people per section. 

Even though wedding tables might not seem like a big issue, they make up a large part of your wedding ambiance, so it's important to consider your options thoroughly. You'll also want to check what wedding linen rentals are available too, which might determine your shape for you. 

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