3 Surprising Reasons Why You Should Be Renting A Tent For Your Celebration

Tents make incredible places to host an event. Unlike interior rooms and buildings, your event -- corporate or otherwise -- isn't held down by perimeters and measurements. Guests can move about the area, and outside the area, as they please while enjoying the sun.

You don't need to keep your event confined to a building while following the rules of the host. Tented events can give you the freedom to plan your event as you like. Here are four reasons why renting a tent is a great choice for your next corporate meeting, birthday celebration, or wedding.

  1. Tents are blank canvases
    When you host an event indoors, you have to accommodate the features of the indoor space. These features include banisters, hardwood or carpet flooring, furniture, and colors already decorating the space.

    Tented events don't have to worry about working with a canvas already half-full. Because a tent itself is a blank canvas. You can choose whichever theme or color scheme you would like to have at your event without worrying about clashing with decor or interior design.

  2. Tented events allow flexibility
    Certain indoor spaces can only accommodate a limited number of guests. However, an outdoor tented event allows you to invite as many guests as you want. Tents come in a variety of sizes and you can rent from a vast range of options and styles. Renting chairs like wedding chairs is also an option, although it's recommended that at least eight square feet be allowed between each chair for proper movement.

  3. Tents offer privacy
    Tents come with optional walls, which allow for your guests to have a sense of privacy while they're celebrating at your event. This can be especially useful if the event is hosted in a more public place or where there may be people walking by.

  4. Tents protect your guests from the elements
    No matter the weather, tented events can keep guests either warm or cool. On a hot summer day, the coverage of the tent above will keep guests shielded from the harsh rays of the sun and provide plenty of shade. On a cooler day, the tent can help protect guests from breezes and the coverage will keep them dry should it start to rain.

Tent rentals come in all shapes and sizes. Whether you're hosting a corporate event, wedding, or birthday celebration you can rent a tent for optimal space, protection against the weather, and enjoyment.