3 Trends to Try For Winter Weddings

A table set for a reception

Despite the fact that June continues to be the most popular month to get married, more couples are opting for winter weddings. Although this season may have its difficulties, it can also be the most magical and picturesque time to tie the knot. And while you may not want to rent a tent for a wedding in the wintertime, you aren't limited in your celebrations. Here are three trends that will make any winter wedding the talk of the season.

  • Be natural
    Just because outdoor events aren't practical doesn't mean you can't use what's outside. One of the best parts of any wedding is being able to incorporate seasonal elements into decorations and themes. Flowers may not be in bloom, but that doesn't mean you have to count out the outdoors. Bring the best parts of natural winter beauty indoors! You can use berries and vegetation in your bouquets and flower arrangements. Utilize branches or pine cones to decorate your wedding tables. You can even create garlands or table runners from what you find outside. Ditch the flower crown for one made out of pine switches and leaves.

  • Sparkle and shine
    More than any time of year, winter is ideal for using sparkle and shine. One way to do this is by adding a little shimmer to your wedding tables. Opt for sequined overlays on top of your wedding linen rentals. Make sure your wedding dress has some sparkle in the form of a belt, a bolero, or in your jewelry or shoes. Fake snow or silver confetti can make for a beautiful entrance. Dress your bridesmaids in rich jewel tones. Hang twinkly string lights and light candles to create a winter wonderland.

  • Add warmth
    It's the winter, so create a welcome escape for your guests. Hot chocolate bars have become increasingly popular in recent years. They're a great supplement to traditional coffee and tea, or could be used in conjunction with a dessert bar. If you want to serve a sit-down meal, remember that you should allow at least 15 square feet per person. If your guests want to cozy up closer, they can! Serve items like comforting soups, flaky pastries, and seasonal produce. Don't forget to warm yourself and your bridal party up, too. You might want to wear a unique long-sleeved wedding dress and velvet shoes or provide fetching faux furs, especially when it's time to take the wedding photos. By adding warm elements, you'll be long-remembered for hosting a fun and relaxing event during a chilly season.

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