5 All Season Decor Ideas for Wedding Tent Rentals

Large marquee erected in the countryside

Planning your wedding is an exciting time. There is so much to plan, figure out, and decorate! There are so many things to pick from, and this includes tent rentals. Wedding tents are great all year round, as long as they are decorated and planned for properly. So, here are some details to keep in mind when decorating those party rentals for your big day.

1. Add some hanging garlands
Instead of having large centerpieces on each table, consider hanging garlands of ivy all around your tent. You can put some contrasting flowers in them that match your wedding colors, and you can even place the garlands around chandeliers and lighting fixtures.

2. Family style seating
Consider using long, family style tables instead of smaller tables that only hold a few people. Not only will this make everyone mingle and have a good time, you will have more room for dancing!

3. Have a hanging cake
A great way to put your cake on display is to install a hanging table somewhere in your tent. Without even trying, this will make your cake stand out while giving your guests ample room to gather around for the cake cutting ceremony.

4. Incorporate geometric metal
Metal offers a nice juxtaposition with hanging greenery. Think brushed silver or bronze chairs, cutlery, and tables for a really interesting vibe that will look great against a lush background of flowers.

5. Drape fabric
Flowers aren't really your style? No worries-- go for draped fabric at different heights all around your tent. It will create an airy, pleasant vibe for any outdoor reception. You can even put fairy lights on display for extra lighting during the night.

In order to make sure these decorating tips work, it is crucial to invest in the right size tent rentals

Need some decorating ideas for your big day? Contact our professionals today and we'll help you get started.