5 Ideas for Summer Party Tent Decorations

Summer is here and that means summer party time has also arrived. With everything there is to celebrate during the summer, there are many reasons to rent a tent and throw a party with your closest friends and family.

When renting a tent, it's important to keep in mind that there are two types of tops available: polyester and vinyl. However, the options may be limited by the type of party tent. For example, almost all large event tents are made of vinyl because it is durable, affordable, and strong. After choosing a tent, however, it must be decorated. Here are five ideas for decorating a party tent for a summer party:

Graduation Party

Summer starts with graduation parties and graduation parties are perfect events for tent rentals. The standard theme for graduation parties is a nostalgic retrospective with photos of the graduate typically decorating the party tent. But graduation is also the beginning of a new chapter. Decorating for the graduate's future is another great idea for this type of party. For example, a party tent for a high school graduate could be decorated in the school colors of the university the graduate will attend. Similarly, a party tent for a college graduate could be decorated to evoke the graduate's upcoming career such as law books for lawyers or blueprints for architects. Alternatively, a party tent for a graduate who is relocating for a job could be themed to the city or town the graduate is moving to.

Corporate Event or Wedding

Tent rentals can be used for a classy summer party like a wedding or corporate event. Trees and other plants can be used to decorate the interior of the tent to evoke an outdoors theme while you still enjoy the shade of your tent. Alternatively, tent poles can be decorated with branches and vines to look like trees. Leaf rope and vines can also be strung along light strings to continue the outdoors theme. A water feature or fountain can be used to bring an additional touch of class to the event.

Pool Party

Most party hosts want to leave a pool party with good memories, not with a sunburn. Tent rentals can be used to give pool party guests a shady place to cool off, socialize, and snack away from the sun.

Pool party themes can vary widely. For example, the party tent could be decorated with fish, sea life, seaweed, and paper lanterns to evoke an "under the sea" feeling. Party planners can capitalize on a recent viral trend with a "baby shark" themed pool party for kids. For a more mature audience, a 1960's beach party theme could be evoked with surfboards, beach balls, surfing music, and a fire pit outside the tent to represent a beach bonfire.

Block Party

Tent rentals can protect guests from the sun and the occasional summer shower during casual events like neighborhood block parties. Again, themes for decorating a party tent for a block party are limitless. An Independence Day block party can include patriotic bunting and flags to decorate the party tent. For a more casual block party, an old fashioned tiki party theme can be evoked using bamboo, tiki mugs, tiki torches, and Don Ho music. An Oktoberfest themed block party can be held later in the summer or early in the fall (Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany begins in late September). An Oktoberfest block party can include German-themed party decorations, bratwurst, and soft pretzels.

Halloween Party

Although not strictly a summer event, tent rentals can be used for a Halloween party as well. As summer turns to fall and the weather cools off, heating systems can be rented along with a rental tent to keep party guests warm. Halloween party themes can be subtle celebrations of the fall season or an all-out fright fest. For young party goers, the standard bats, jack o'lanterns, and skeletons can be used to decorate the party tent. For teenage parties, a glow in the dark dance party can be decorated with fluorescent party decorations and glow stick table lighting. For more mature party goers, hay bales, pumpkins, flint corn, and autumn leaves may evoke the fall season.

Tent rentals are perfect for any summer party. They provide shelter from the sun and occasional summer shower and can be decorated for any occasion, including graduation parties, corporate events, weddings, pool parties, block parties, and even Halloween parties. For more information about quality tents, don't hesitate to reach out to Tents For Rent today.