5 Important Details to Remember When Planning Your Wedding


The average length of an engagement is around 14 months. This means that the average couple has a little over a year to plan their wedding, which for some seems like a lot of time. However, this time can fly by when you are concentrating on your wedding rentals, flower arrangements, and bridesmaid dresses. In order to prevent forgetting an important detail, here is a list of five wedding details to make sure not to forget!

1. Having a plan for bad weather. 
We all know the stress, you plan a gorgeous outside ceremony only to find out that it is going to rain on your big day. Bypass this by investing in wedding tent rentals to protect your guests from the weather. These wedding tents come typically come with your choice of wedding chairs and linens, so you are able to fully customize every detail.

2. Knowing when the sun will set.
This is important for picture taking, as some of the best shots are done during dusk. You don't want to miss out and have to go inside for pictures, so let your photographer know ahead of time the estimated time of sunset.

3. Providing extra seating at your ceremony.
People may not like to sit right next to each other, so it is always a good idea to set up a few extra chairs during the ceremony. Plus, it will give your guests room to spread out so they are comfortable the entire time.

4. Transporting the bridal party.
Depending on your plans, you may have the bridal party go to the venue at a different time than the bride and groom. Make sure you have a reliable mode of transport for both them and you, so no one gets left behind!

5. Ask about possibly extending the reception time.
No one wants to have to check their watch for the entire reception, just to usher everyone out of their wedding rentals at a specific time. It never hurts to ask the owners if they are willing to be flexible about the end time of the event, and if the DJ and photographer have an hourly rate in case the party goes longer than expected.

Keep these simple tips in mind to have a wedding that goes on without a hitch!