7 Ideas To Run A Successful Outdoor Corporate Fundraiser


If you have an outdoor corporate fundraiser coming up, you are probably pretty busy. On top of the frantic planning and logistics of any normal party, you have to consider the weather. Add to that you have the creative burden of finding ways to raise money for your company. All of this can be overwhelming. Here are some great ideas on how to host a flawless fundraiser. 

  1. Tent Rentals
    In case the weather turns on you, have a rental tent ready to prevent your guests from getting wet. Of the two styles of tent, frame and pole, choose one to match the scope of your event. Pole tents are more popular corporate event tents.

  2. Art Auction
    One way to tap into the money raising spirit is by having local artists submit their work to your fundraising auction. Split the revenue between your company and the artists. 

  3. Silent Auction
    Have consumer items, the pricier the better, and allow people to write in their bid throughout the night. The items can come from your company, or from another company that has provided them for this auction at a discount. 

  4. Catering
    Many fundraisers charge a high fee per plate. If you intend on doing this, make sure you get a great catering service with gourmet dishes. 

  5. Excellence Awards
    Acknowledge attendees for their service to the community and to your company. People like being recognized for their good deeds, and it will certainly lighten the hearts of your guests. 

  6. Charitable Donations
    Make sure you partner with a charitable cause. A corporation asking for money for just itself doesn't look as good as a company raising money for a cause. Donate half of all money raised to a charity of your company's choosing. 

It all starts with a corporate event tent and corporate event rentals for your outdoor fundraiser. From there you can rent almost anything you need, hire catering companies, contact local artists, and get down to the business of planning your fundraising strategy.