Project Spotlight: Custom Pavilion

At Tents For Rent, we delight in working with you to solve even the most difficult challenges. For Mohegan Sun at Pocono Downs, we did just that. They had a rooftop patio with a beautiful view. The only problem was that the sun and the rain made it unusable for much of the summer. Before we could install a tent on the patio, there were several challenges that we needed to overcome:

  • The patio was a rooftop and thus needed to remain waterproof.
  • The patio was right in front of the announcer's stand. So, it needed to be very low profile.
  • The roof was not strong enough to support the weights required to secure the tent.
  • The patio had two levels.

Each of these challenges alone would have been difficult to solve. After surveying the location and extensive discussion on what would be the best solution, we worked with Anchor Industries to design a custom tent that all sloped in one direction. This created a solution that gave Mohegan sun the needed space until their new facility was completed. The tent was complete with lighting, heating and all the necessary amenities for a great outdoor event...rain or shine. Do you have a difficult tenting challenge? Contact us today. We'd love to help.