Florals For Spring? How To Make Them Groundbreaking Again

Floral Arrangement

Weddings and flowers go hand-in-hand for good reason. Not only do flowers add a romantic touch to any event, but you can use them in a wide variety of different decoration styles. The biggest challenge that can come with using floral decorations in your tent design is to do it in a unique way that doesn't look like every other reception you've attended before. Let's take a look at how you can incorporate florals into wedding tent rentals in new and innovative ways.

Garland Ceilings

If you're renting a tent and think that the pre-existing structure limits what you can do in the design, think again. A great way to transform standard wedding tent rentals is to drape the ceiling with garland. Whether you start from the center and drape outwards to the edges or criss-cross the ceiling from one end to another, this splash of natural color will do wonders for your tent. Using garland will also give you the option of keeping it all green or adding in other flowers for more pops of color.

Floral Photo Backdrop

The modern wedding reception needs a good photo station. Luckily, this large-form photo booth presents the perfect opportunity to use florals. You can create or order a floor-to-ceiling arrangement of greenery and blooms to provide the perfect backdrop for photos. Try coordinating the colors of the blooms with the colors of your wedding theme so that anyone who takes photos with the backdrop will instantly remember that they were from your special day. You could also take the backdrop out of your party tent and use it to set the scene for your ceremony.

Hanging Floral Installations

Elegant lighting fixtures are common enough to create the mood for a wedding reception. Take it up a notch by incorporating blossoming arrangements into these overhead fixtures. Just as you can use garland on the ceiling, you can also hang greenery on the chandeliers for a whimsical effect. Another fun statement piece is an inverted garden that hangs over each table. When your guests look up, all they'll see is blooms.

While June is the most popular month for weddings with 15% of couples holding ceremonies during this early summer month, you can incorporate flowers into your design during any season. Don't hesitate to get creative with your choices and you will soon transform your wedding tent rentals into the reception setting of your dreams.