How To Create The Best Layout For Your Outdoor Tented Event


When hosting an outdoor event, one of the key challenges is determining the layout of the event itself. Layouts of tented events must be specific to the event itself. For instance, if a speech is being hosted during the event, then it's recommended for the chairs to be set up in rows with 8 square feet per chair.

Just as you would organize the layout of an indoor event, the layout must be planned when you rent a tent for your outdoor event. The layout should be easy to follow and all your guests should be able to fit within the rented tent comfortably. To ensure the layout for your outdoor event will work in your favor, consider the following tips.

Decide where the focus should be
The focus of your event will dictate the layout. While some events may not have a focal point, the grand majority will. Therefore, it's essential that you determine the focal point of your own event when you rent a tent. For instance, a corporate event may want the focus to be on the business's logo or perhaps a stage where the business leaders will be speaking.

Once the focal point of the event had been determined, you can begin to develop the layout around that focal point. You'll want to be sure that focal point is within range of sight no matter the position of the seating.

Ensure you have the right size tent
When you rent a tent, it's essential that you know how many guests will be attending. It's never safe to assume the average size of a tent rental will be fine. Should the tent rentals be too large, it can make your event look like a failure as if you were expecting more people to attend. On the other hand, should the tent rentals be too small, your event can be overcrowded and ruin the moods of your guests.

Before you rent a tent for your outdoor event, consider the exact number of those who will be attending. Make a sketch of the layout you intend to create in the space. Then speak to a representative of the company you intend to rent the tent from. This will give you a professional opinion and an accurate estimate of the tent rental's necessary size.

Create a layout based on sections
If your event has various sections such as a dining area, entertainment area, or a place for food preparation, consider separating these sections into stations when sketching your layout. This will keep your event from appearing chaotic and will help establish a flow from one section of the tent to the other.

Creating a layout that works for your event is essential for a successful celebration. Keep these tips in mind the next time you're renting a tent for a corporate, wedding, or sports event in the future.