How to Set Up The Perfect Wedding Tablescape

A table set for a reception

There are hundreds of details to attend to at a wedding, from the wedding linen rentals, the flower girl's dress, a well-executed rehearsal dinner, and wedding flooring rentals. In the flurry of minor details, it can sometimes be easy to forget that a wedding is also a great opportunity to express your creativity and truly go all out with an idea. After all, how often do you get the chance to host huge outdoor events like this?

Since your guests will spend a large part of their night sitting at their tables, creating a beautiful tablescape is a great way to impress them and keep them posting pictures with your night's hashtag all over them. Check out some of the tips below to create some truly beautiful table arrangements for your wedding reception:

The Base
All successful tablescapes must first start with a table, obviously. When you are arranging the rental of wedding tables, decide whether you want to go for rectangular or round, as the shape of your wedding tables will determine the way your centerpieces come together. This goes for your wedding linens, too -- make sure they go with your color scheme or settle for classic black or white to make your centerpiece really pop.

Think Outside of the Box
Choose quirky elements to include on your wedding tables that reflect your unique personality and the special vibe you want to bring to the whole event. For instance, instead of a flower arrangement, you can use potted plants ( these can also double as party favors). Consider enlisting a local artist to make decorative centerpieces out of paper or plants.

Think Practically
Big, dramatic centerpieces might be nice in theory, but if they prevent your guests from talking to the people across the table from them, it might not be such a great idea. Make your tablescapes a point of conversation, not a hindrance to them.

Whether your have 136 wedding guests (the national average) or 20 good friends gathered around one table, take advantage of the opportunity to create a beautiful arrangement for your guests to enjoy.