May I cancel my tent if the weather is beautiful?

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Many brides dream of getting married under a beautiful blue sky, but they fear that a storm could crash their wedding. Thankfully, we have a plan in place for just this type of situation. It works like this: when you reserve your tent, you pay a 25% deposit. If your event is on a Saturday, we normally install the tent on Friday. You may cancel the tent as late as Thursday by 9:00 AM and not need to pay any more than the deposit that you've already paid. By that time, you should be able to have a good idea of the weather forecast for the weekend. There are two exceptions to this: linens need to be cancelled one day earlier than tents in order to get a 75% refund and permits are not refundable at all. If you want even more time to make a decision, you may pay 50% and cancel any time up until the arrival of the installation crew. Contact us today to ensure that your event will go on rain or shine.

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