winter concrete

Keep Your Construction Project on Schedule Even During the Winter

When I think of a tent event, I think a beautiful spring day. The sun is setting and a soft breeze is blowing as a couple exchanges their vows. However, this certainly isn't the case for every tent event. In January 2014, ARCO Design/Build and Stief Concrete were working on a construction project that was running behind schedule because the cold weather was delaying the pouring of the concrete walls. Stief Concrete looked to Tents For Rent to supply tents, heaters, power and lighting to allow the construction project to move forward in spite of the unusually cold weather.

 The site presented some unique challenges. Parts of the tents could not be secured with traditional stakes. Instead, they needed to be secured with concrete anchors that could penetrate only 5 inches into the concrete. Yet, they had to be able to hold the tents in place safely and securely. Also, during this time there was a severe propane shortage that increased prices and made propane difficult to find at any price. We kept a crew onsite during days that concrete was being poured in order to open and close the tent walls to give access to the work crews. In addition, tents needed to be moved frequently as the project moved forward. Frequent changes in the weather and schedule required us to be flexible to keep everything moving forward smoothly.

All in all the project is moving forward smoothly and the tents are allowing this project to be completed much more quickly than otherwise possible.