The Definitive Tent Renting Guide For Your Outdoor Charity Gala

The white canvas tent for large event.

If you have an outdoor charity gala to plan for, you will need to be prepared for everything. One thing you can't control is the weather, and that's why you should find the best tents for rent for outdoor events. Finding the 'best' tent can be tricky because each event will have a different amount of guests. Here are some guidelines for tent renting.

Choosing The Right Tent
The first thing you need to do before you even look at your tent options is settle on a rough guest count. This will give you an idea of how much tent coverage you will need. As a decent rule of thumb you will need 15 square feet per guest for seating at tables, six square feet per person for standing and cocktail making areas, eight square feet for events where guests sit in chairs without a table, three extra square feet for dancing room, and 25 square feet per guest at the head table. 

An easy way to calculate the total space needed to be covered by a rental tent is by multiplying the number of expected guests by seating and standing layout you plan on using. Remember to always overestimate the amount of space you'll use. That way your guests won't be caught in the rain if the weather gets wet.

For charity galas, you will also want to dress it up a bit. That means you will need matching chairs and linens, and decorations that go along with the elegant theme of your event. Since fundraisers for charity tend to attract a more traditional crowd, you will want to keep the design fairly neutral. 

When looking for tents for rent for outdoor eventsyou don't want to choose something too colorful or brash. A vinyl roof white tent is both utilitarian and unobtrusive. When decorated appropriately, it will blend in with the relaxed and highly polished atmosphere you aim to accomplish. 

Preparing for the possibility of bad weather on the day of your gala is essential. That's why professional party planners would recommend event tents among necessary party rentals. Keeping your guests dry will keep them in a charitable mood, and benefit everybody involved. 

If you are looking for a tent and already know how many guests you have, we can help guide you in selecting the proper shelter for your gala. Call today and let's make this a gala to remember.