Weddings 101: Tips To Organize The Layout Of Your Outdoor Wedding

Wedding Reception with White Tablecloths and Colorful Centerpieces Outside Under a Large White Tent

Organizing an outdoor wedding can seem nearly impossible. While an indoor venue offers limitations and restrictions on decor and dining, an outdoor space can seem like a challenge to fill.

When you want to make the most of your outdoor wedding event, rely on these organizational tips for a smooth -- and beautiful -- wedding layout.

Start with the stage

Your dance floor and stage should be the focal point of your reception. Once you have these spaces mapped out, all other tables, including dining tables and banquet tables, should be stationed at strategic areas around it.

Keep in mind that your rectangular tent rental will also help create limits on your space. This will encourage you to station the stage in the center of the tent or along one of the longer walls offered by the space. If you include your stage at one end of the rectangle, your guests will have trouble hearing you, even if you rented a set of speakers. You should also keep in mind that aisles and speaker areas should accommodate eight square feet of space per person.

Set up your tables

Your wedding tables are the second-most important part of your reception layout. This is where your guests will spend the majority of their time if they're not tearing it up on the dance floor. If you opt for a rectangular wedding tent for your outdoor event, consider stationing banquet tables along the exterior of the tent. This will ensure your guests have plenty of room to mix and mingle while providing a clear sightline from one end of your rental tent to the other. No one wants to sit at their wedding table and come eye to eye with another guests' rear as they enjoy the buffet.

You should also arrange the wedding tables in a U-shape around the dance floor with close family members located closer to the newlyweds. This will ensure no guest has a "bad" seat since they can all see the couple at the head of the event.

Consider cocktail hour

An oft-overlooked aspect to your wedding reception is the cocktail hour. This transition period is essential to make guests feel welcome between the ceremony and dinner. Consider stationing a few well-positioned cocktail tables near the bar to better organize standing spaces. Keep in mind that there should be five to six square feet per person when you set up these tables. Guests will want to set their drinks down as they talk or nibble on a few snacks before dinner.

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