10 Tips and Tricks That Will Make Planning an Outdoor Wedding Simple and Easy

Having a wedding in the great outdoors can be absolutely stunning, with the right landscape, the stars shining at night, and the beautiful weather, it can be hard not to swoon! Of course, that's the best case outdoor wedding scenario.

There are a lot of things to worry about when planning a wedding -- especially outside! -- so we've complied a list of some tips and tricks to abide by when planning your outdoor wedding. From wedding tent rentals to handling the weather, here is everything you should know before planning your big day.

1. Rules and permits. It is important to understand completely what kind of rules you need to abide by before you plan anything. Even if you'd like to get married in a simple park, there may be more regulations you have to worry about, especially if you are considering finding wedding tents for rent.

2. Think of your guest's comfort. Make sure to provide your guests with heaters, fans, well-lit paths to the restrooms, citronella candles in the summer, and plenty of room to both sit and move around in.

3. Once you have your guest count, you can figure out the number of square feet that you will need in your wedding tent rentals. Take your number of guests times 15 square feet for seating at tables, six square feet for standing areas, and eight square feet per person for the wedding ceremony itself.

4. Discuss the weather with your photographer before the ceremony so you can plan accordingly. It is important to figure out where the sun will be so you are not stuck in the shade or squinting into the sun in your pictures.

5. Don't forget the seasonal essentials, which can include sunscreen, an umbrella, scarves, and jackets.

6. Ensure your decor can withstand strong breezes. You'll also want sturdy wedding tables and chairs so nothing is blowing over during the ceremony and ruining the mood. 

7. If your wedding is large, you may need some audio visual equipment so your guests can hear you.

8. Make sure your guests are notified ahead of time about appropriate footwear for your venue. High heels and grass don't usually mix.

9. If you're choosing to do wedding pamphlets/brochures at each table, attach them to a stick to make sure they don't blow away. This also doubles as a fan for hotter days.

10. Keep older and younger guests in mind when choosing how far away your venue is from parking and bathroom facilities.

Follow these tips and tricks to have a beautiful wedding day that will go off without a hitch!