3 Ideas For Fun Outdoor Fall Parties

The summer is by no means over quite yet, but you can almost smell the pumpkin spice lattes of fall. From the appearance of winter squash and beets in the farmer's market, to a slight nip in the morning air, we all know that the blazing orange sun of summer is making way for the vibrant hues of fall. And what better way to celebrate than by throwing a party?

Hosting an outdoor event is a great way to get people together to enjoy nature and the open sky before everyone retreats inside against the winds of winter.

Here are some ideas for outdoor events in the autumn:

Fall Arts Competition
The craft potential for the fall is monumental -- think colorful leaf crafts, and nature collages. What better way to gather friends, family, and your community than to host a crafting event under a backyard party tent? Create tiers for the competition so that the little kids, bigger kids, teens, and adults can all enter different judging brackets, and when it's all over, make sure to display the crafts and art in local businesses, at school, or your homes.

Musician Showcase
The crisp outdoors air in the fall begs for hot cider and music. Provide both, and folding chairs, to put on a relaxing event that welcomes in the new season and celebrates life, change, and the diversity of the season. Remember, if you arrange the seats to accommodate for a performance space and aisles, there should be 8 square feet per person.

Community Service Events
The fall is the last chance to pick up all the summer litter before the winter snows cover them up and push them even farther into the soil. Get together a bunch of people, rent a tent to rally and serve everyone hot chocolate and snacks under, and get a group effort going to clean up the neighborhood in time for the holiday season.

There are tons of other outdoor events ideas for the fall, from beautiful wedding receptions (the second most popular month to get married is October), to harvest parties. Get into the swing of the season by renting a tent and celebrating with those you love.