Are you looking for an exciting job?

Are you looking for an exciting, challenging job? Do you need to escape the 8-5 grind? How would you like to work outdoors? Do you want to earn plenty of overtime? Do you want to create the canvas for people’s lifelong memories?

Then why not join the tent installer team at Tents For Rent? We deliver and install tents at a wide range of locations. The work consists of a mix of working at the warehouse loading trucks, driving to the job site and installing tents. We have a very productive culture. Here at Tents For Rent, our commitments are important. We won’t tell a bride that we’ll be a day late delivering the tent for her wedding. Weather changes. Schedules shift. So, it’s important to be flexible. The work is physically intense. So slackers need not apply.

Do you have what it takes?

1.       Integrity

2.       Passion for excellence

3.       Willingness to serve customers and coworkers

4.       Great attitude

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