Can I Keep a Tent Warm in the Fall?

Fall Tent

Fall Tent

Fall is officially here and the lovely fall colors won't be far behind. God's beautiful seasonal decorations make the perfect backdrop for your outdoor event. But, you may wonder how you will keep your guests comfortable. It's hard to believe that only a few months ago, I wrote a post about cooling a tent. Now it's time to start thinking about heating a tent. Many people ask whether a tent can really be kept warm in fall and winter. The answer is a resounding "yes." A tent is not completely airtight, but it can be heated and kept very comfortable.

So, what does it take to plan an outdoor event in cooler whether?

  1. Fall often brings windy weather. So, be sure to rent a sturdy tent from a reputable company. You want to be sure that your tent will be safe and secure.

  2. Tent sidewalls: I recommend ordering sidewalls with windows in them so that your guests can see out of the tent and not feel boxed in by the walls.

  3. Heaters: We have charts with the average low temperatures listed for each day of the year. So, we can estimate the amount of heat you will need. Keep you eye on the weather forecast though. If colder weather is predicted, you may want to add more heaters closer to your event date.

  4. A positive attitude: Embrace the fall weather and colors. Have a campfire outside the tent. Roast s'mores. Relax from the busyness of summer.

This fall, don't let the cooler weather put a damper on your outdoor event. With a little extra planning fall is a wonderful time of year for any event.