3 Non-Traditional Approaches to Weddings You'll See in 2016

Large marquee erected in the countryside

Would you sing your vows? As people continue to look for ways to make their wedding stand out, many are opting for less traditional approaches. YouTube can show you everything from a man serenading his wife with his wedding vows, to brides dancing down the aisle instead of walking.

So what sort of intriguing new trends can we expect for 2016? Here are some non-traditional twists you may see more and more brides and grooms opting for.

1. Grandma Flower Girls
As the Huffington Post points out in their own coverage of new trends, “it’s hard to get cuter than a grandma tossing petals.” While this may be adorable, it also speaks to a shift in attitudes toward who should be included in the wedding. For someone that has no nieces or nephews yet, honoring a beloved grandmother with a place in the wedding might feel like a better fit than drafting a friend’s kid, who they barely know.

2. The Advent of 3D Printing
As 3D printing becomes more and more accessible, you’re going to be seeing it at weddings a lot more. 3D printing can add geometric pop to centerpieces and bouquets; it can also be used to further personalize parts of the wedding. Why have a generic cake topper when you can have one that looks exactly like you as a couple -- or exactly like your pet dogs?

3. Less Traditional Locations: Tented Events
If you’ve talked to anyone planning a wedding, you know it’s a common theme -- weddings are expensive, and the venues are often the biggest expense of all. Renting a tent for an outdoor wedding can be a great way to save money on the ceremony without impacting quality (and there are four main types of tents to choose from: Pole-supported tents, tensile tents, pipe frame-supported tents, and clearspan tent and party rentals). In fact, wedding tents often allow for more customization than a traditional wedding hall might allow. It makes sense to rent a tent if you're only going to use it a few times out of the year. When you’re not dealing with an official venue, you’re not dealing with their specific (and often expensive!) catering, decorating, or bar rules, either. Opt for heavy duty tent and party rentals so that they don't topple over in windy weather.

Whether it’s grandmas with petals, 3D printed boutonnieres, or tent and party rentals, it’s not hard to make your wedding stand out for less in 2016.