Ideas For Decorating the Tent At Your Special Event

Your tented event -- whether it be a 16th birthday party or wedding -- need not be typical or boring in any way. You may think about the huge tent as just a precaution in case of inclimate weather, but in fact, it is a blank canvas ripe for your personal stamp of creativity.

Nothing is more magical than hundreds of twinkling lights... it gives off the impression of thousands of fireflies celebrating your joy or hundreds of candles flickering in celebration. It can make you feel like you're dancing among the stars. Wrap the tent poles, centerpieces, and inside support beams with traditional white string lights for a classier look, or invest in lights of all colors, shapes, and sizes for a burst of color and a festival theme for what will certainly be a party to be remember. Not to mention, the lights make for great photo opps, guaranteeing the beautiful preservation of memories from your tented event. Check out wedding lighting rentals for getting the magical experience you want for a deal.

For the lavish garden party you've always wanted, consider thoroughly coating the inside of your tent with flowers. Wrap the tent poles with garlands, suspend hanging baskets full of blossoms, and link daisy chains overhead. Wedding tents never smelled so good -- and according to Knot's 2014 Real Weddings Study, June was the most popular month to get hitched. Flowers provide a seasonable and picturesque option for wedding decorating, and so much fun for everyone -- remember to make flower crowns and corsages for the entire wedding party.

Theme It Up
Think about other uses for tents, and use that to your advantage. From a subtle circus theme to a Bedouin inspired color palette, you can take advantage of the form already available to you. Choose between pole tents for a traditional look, or frame tents, which offer more diversity in terms of themes. Think underwater, tropical escape, or casino night, and make sure you utilize the center tent supports to hang a disco ball or a faux chandelier. Remember to get wedding chairs and investigate wedding carpet rentals, in addition to wedding linen rentals.

Considering how many options there are when it comes to decorating a tent, it could be more worthwhile to invest than to buy instead of rent -- if you plan on using it more than four times a year, buying in the way to go. The good news for rented tents is that you don't have to worry about storing or maintaining them, since the rental company takes them right back. Regardless of your choice, your next tented event will truly be spectacular.