3 Tips For Planning Your Summer Party In Advance

If you're planning on hosting an outdoor event or party this summer, you don't have to wait until it's beautiful and warm out to start getting things together. For some reason, many people believe that they can throw a successful outdoor party after a day or two of planning -- but that's simply not the case. A strong party has to be carefully thought out and organized far in advanced.

Here are some outdoor party planning tips for you to start thinking about before the summer is here and it's a little too late:

  • Rent a tent or two early on -- There are two basic styles of tents: pole tents (including tensile tents) and frame tents (including clearspan tents). Though you can't plan around the weather this far in advance, it's still a good idea to rent a tent prior to throwing your party outdoors. If the day of your event is especially hot, party tents for rent are a great option for some shade, as well as providing coverage from potential severe weather conditions.
  • Schedule a date -- Picking a date and sticking to it is a great tip that not too many people actually take advantage of. Find out who you really want to make it to the party, schedule the date around them, and send out your invitations to everyone else. If a few people can't make that date, so be it. You can't just change the date of the party every time someone says they can't go -- that's a complicated road to go down. Unfortunately, you can't please everyone, so just pick a date and stick to it. Additionally, it's best to mention a few secondary dates just in case something major comes up.
  • Utilize social media -- Social media is great for planning parties and staying in touch with everyone on your guest list. You can update every aspect of your summer event whenever you want and all your guests will be instantly informed.

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