Outdoors or In?

If you’re planning a wedding or other event, you may wonder if you should plan it outdoors. 

Here are the top 5 reasons to choose the outdoors:

1.       You get to experience the great outdoors, fresh air and sunshine or stars.

2.       The outdoors is a great backdrop for a country or rustic theme.

3.       Even if your home is small, you can have a large guest list.

4.       You don’t need to worry about guests damaging your home by leaving punch stains on the couch or mud on the carpet.

5.       Outdoor events feel very relaxed and casual.

Here are the cons of outdoor events:

The weather is unpredictable. It can be hot our cool. (although tent heating, fans and cooling are available). It’s also important to have a plan to host everyone underneath a tent in case of rain.

If you aren't willing to adjust plans to work with the weather, it may be best to plan your event indoors.

While there are pros and cons of planning events outdoors, we're sure you'll be just as happy with your outdoor event as these customers were.