Details You May Not Have Thought About When Renting Your Tent

When renting a tent, many providers will lend their expertise and service to making sure everything operates as it should for your event. However, there are still a few things that you'll need to do yourself.


You'll need to figure out what size tent you need for your event. If your tent will most likely be used for shade and food (i.e. no seating), then you could probably get just about any sized tent. However, when you factor in seating and other additions, your tent will need to be larger in order to fit everything comfortably. For instance, if you're opting for cathedral type sitting with rows of chairs, you should allow eight square feet per person. You'll then need to factor in DJ tables, food tables, speakers, etc. Many party rental companies can give you a pretty good estimate of what sized tent you'll need for your event based on some of the details you give them. You can search for a tent size calculator online as well. They'll compute a rough estimate of your required tent size based on your input.

Pinning it Down

If your event is being hosted at a venue, then you'll need to be in communication with the venue director/event planner during this process. If your tent is going to be on a hard surface, such as cement, then your tent will most likely have to be weighed down by concrete weights or something similar. You'll need to discuss with your rental company what options they provide. Also, if your tent will be placed on grass then you'll need to ask your venue if you're allowed to stake the grass. If not then you'll have to use a weighted option.


One of the major things to be wary of is any restrictions that the county or city might place on putting up a tent. Some areas require a permit for tents over a certain square footage, so you'll need to check with local authorities before jumping the gun. In many cases, however, a venue will have all of the necessary permits.

If you're renting a tent and aren't sure if you've nailed every detail, you can ask your rental company for helpful tips and advice. Tent rentals might seem easy, but they can often involve a lot of pre-planning. Use all of the means at your disposable to make sure your event is perfect.