4 Things Your Wedding Guests Want You to Know

Even though your wedding should be exactly what you and your future spouse would like, it is important to take your guests into consideration. This means thinking of their comfort and happiness throughout the entire event, even if it can get in the way of your plans. So, in order to create the happiest guests possible, here are some common things your wedding guests would like for you to know.

1. Please give us enough space!

It can be all too easy to have a cramped wedding and reception, especially if you are utilizing wedding rentals or are looking into renting a tent and are not familiar with the size and dimensions of specific party rentals. So as a rule of thumb, once you have a rough estimate of your guest count, follow these specifications for the amount of room you'll require.

  • Take your number of guests times 15 square feet for seating at tables.
  • The number of guests times six square feet for a cocktail area.
  • The number of guests times eight square feet for guests seated in chairs.
  • The number of guests times two square feet for a dance area.

2. Tell us exactly what you want us to wear!

Demystify the dress code. There are a lot of different definitions for weddings such as black tie, black tie optional, or causal. Make sure to tell your guests exactly what the dress code means, and don't forget to include if it will be an outside wedding or not! 

3. Assigned seats are a headache

Many wedding guests want to mingle by themselves, so take the assigned seating out of the equation. This will not only be easier for them to find a place where they're most comfortable, but you'll have less of a headache while planning. Often, guests dread being stuck for hours at a table with people they don't like or don't find interesting. Clearly, avoiding seating cards make for a relaxing event all around!

4. Snacks are always a great idea

It's no secret that people burn a lot of calories while dancing, so make sure to not forget some snacks at the end of the night to keep people going! Water is also important, as people like to stay hydrated. Weddings are generally long days, and your guests are likely to work up an appetite after dinner is served.

Follow these tips, and you'll have guests that love your wedding just as much as you do!

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