Benefits of Backyard Wedding Tent Rentals

Wedding Tent at Night

The white fabric is pulled taut over its supports secured from the threat of wind. An equally durable and strong vinyl canopy tops the sides and shields wedding tables covered in pristine wedding linen rentals from the scorching rays of the Pennsylvania sun. Inside the backyard party tent, the wedding cake dazzled in frosted petals awaits the bride and groom to begin the celebration of their special relaxing event.

The most idyllic month for marriage is June. Once the ring has been placed upon the finger, the wedding planning can begin! A Knot’s Real Weddings Survey estimates the average length of an engagement is 14 months allowing slightly over a year to plan the perfect midsummer night’s dream. June is a prime time for hosting an outdoor event, but the weather is always a concern. One solution to help ease the couple’s planning process may be to locate tent rentals Lancaster PA to rent a tent for a wedding reception. The couple will know they have adequate protection against the adverse weather conditions probable in the Keystone state.

Is it More Feasible to Buy or to Rent?

Finding the perfect backyard party tent can reduce the cost of renting out expensive party venues. reports renting a party tent is becoming the “go-to option” for wedding couples. Some people buy their own, but economically it is more efficient to rent if the rental tent will only be used 3 or 4 times a year. The cost of renting an event tent is typically lower than outright purchasing a personal party tent and tent rentals Lancaster PA include set-up labor.

Choosing to rent a party tent can immediately relieve the stress of finding an affordable venue and as a bonus for choosing a tent rental service, selecting the appropriate size is done for the customer. The average number of wedding guests according to a Knot’s 2014 study is 136 people. The rental service can help with the estimation and tent rentals Lancaster PA provide a CAD drawing for visualization. This reduces the need to memorize and meticulously calculate important spatial requirements for the cocktail hour or the dance party sure to ensue.

Finding a trustworthy rental service is key to ensuring a positive experience in selecting the perfect backyard party tent. Things to look for in tent rentals Lancaster PA are companies that focus on quality and excellent service. Look for services that willingly offer last minute accommodations. Find one with several years of experience providing tents for a plethora of events. Finally, peruse the company’s options and see if they offer accessories. Especially in the case of a couple’s special day, wedding rentals could include carpets, flooring, chairs, linens, and lighting to illuminate the cake waiting on its tray.