What Is The Best Location For Group Parties?

Festival Event Party with Hipster People Blurred Background

When planning an event, it is important to have a good idea about what you need to facilitate a pleasant experience. The location of an event almost always influences the experience. Oftentimes, a perfect location is one with a history or an association with the premise of the event.

Depending upon the type of event you're hosting, there will inevitably be a variety of options available to you. A backyard party tent, corporate event rentals, and actually any form of outdoor event rentals are great candidates for any type of outdoor event. Discover the most important considerations when you're looking for the party rentals Harrisburg PA residents need.

Planning For Success With Event Tents

There are several tips that are worth discussing in order to increase the likelihood of having a great event. Size requirements are going to be the number one factor when planning the event because if there is too little space people will be crowded. And an overly crowded party is a disastrous party.

For example, if planning to host a speech or an event that requires lined up rows, a good idea is to allow about five or six square feet per chair. Keep in mind that particularly bulky or large chairs that require extra space for guests to move are going to need extra space in order to do so freely.

Food is always a great addition to a group gathering. Who does not enjoy good food with good entertainment through a pleasant group experience? A planned meal requires a different dimension plan. The tables you chose and the number of folks in attendance will need to be precisely examined. Generally, a good rule of thumb is to leave 12 square feet per person when using round tables or 10 square feet when using rectangular ones.

Buy Or Rent?

One consideration that might cross your mind is whether to buy or rent a tent. Simplest answer would be to determine the usage rate of the tent; if it is only three or four times a year it would probably be best to keep renting.

Beyond those considerations, the number of attendants to the event might need to be a factor. Once you have an estimate of the guest count, take that number and multiply it by either 15, six, or eight, depending upon the event. 

To get the right tent for your needs, contact the professional party rental Harrisburg PA trusts. Contact Tents For Rent today to find the answers for all of your party planning needs.