Four Tips For the Best Independence Day Wedding

wedding reception outdoor

The Fourth of July is a holiday filled with fun, patriotism, and fireworks. So why not schedule your own romantic fireworks on the same day? A Fourth of July wedding can be immensely enjoyable and the warm weather will keep your guests pleasantly entertained outdoors all day (and night) long.

The following tips will help your Fourth of July wedding run smoothly so you and your new spouse won’t have to worry about being anything but Yankee Doodle Dandy.

  1. Rent a tent
    While some outdoor event rentals come with their own natural shading, your guests may not enjoy being directly in the sun during the Summer months as they would in the Spring. Many outdoor event rentals also offer tent rentals as a viable option to keep your friends and family shaded and cool without blocking their view of the ceremony. Plus, tents come in two common styles -- frame tents and pole tents -- so you’ll be able to choose the look you want.

  2. Have an indoor option
    Outdoor event rentals with a backyard party tent are great, but they’re not for everyone all the time. If your wedding is on the Fourth of July, odds are the Summer heat is in full effect. While it isn’t necessary to rent an additional indoor area for your wedding, it may be good to consider being near an air conditioned area for the elderly guests who may be more sensitive to the heat.

  3. Be aware of crowds
    The one downside to having your wedding on the Fourth of July is sharing your special day with crowds of people who aren’t a part of your wedding. Luckily, outdoor event rentals are possible away from more populated areas so you can celebrate your big day on your favorite day without the additional and uninvited crowds.

  4. Use fireworks
    Fireworks are one of the best parts of the Fourth of July. Consider incorporating them into your wedding celebration either during the first kiss as a married couple or at the end of the celebration when the sky is dark. It’ll be a fun and traditional way to end the ceremony.

The Fourth of July is a holiday that celebrates the unity of the United States in the fight for Independence. Choosing to celebrate your wedding on the Fourth of July is a terrific way to symbolize your union in marriage. With these tips, not only will you be prepared for the best Independence Day wedding imaginable, but you can be sure to go out with a bang!