Should I Choose Round or Long Tables for my Outdoor Tent Event?

As you're planning an outdoor wedding, party or other event, you may wonder if you should choose round or rectangle tables. Each has its benefits and situations where it works best.

Benefits of rectangle banquet tables:

  • They are slightly more space efficient and allow for wider aisles.
  • When placed end to end, it's easier to assign seats to guests since it creates a long table with more seats.
  • Long rectangle tables are available in farmhouse table style.
  • They are excellent for buffet tables.

Benefits of round tables

  • They are our most popular table for dining.
  • There is more space in the center for food or decorations.
  • It allows people sitting at the table to talk to more different people.
  • They have a more intimate and less institutional feel.

Or if you'd like the benefits of both, you can mix and match round and rectangle tables for an eclectic look. Contact us today to let us help you plan your outdoor tent event.