Host the Perfect Outdoor Event With These 3 Great Tips

Hosting an outdoor event isn't as easy as simply setting up a few chairs, inviting everyone, and serving some snacks and drinks. There is a lot more that goes into running a successful outdoor event, whether it's a small family barbecue or a large community fundraiser.

Hopefully, this information will help you throw great outdoor events this summer and for the rest of your party-planning days. Here are some great tips for hosting an outdoor event:

  • Consider chair spacing -- If you're hosting an event that will feature a speech or requires chairs lined up in rows, you need to be cognizant of spacing. It's recommended to allow eight square feet per chair. Additionally, make sure that if you're using particularly bulky chairs or have guests that need more space to maneuver you take that into consideration.

  • Utilize outdoor event rentals -- Acquiring and purchasing all the necessary equipment on your own can be difficult and expensive. It's a must better option when throwing an outdoor event to rent everything instead of spending your own money on them. By working with a legitimate tent rental company, you'll be able to acquire quality tents, table and table covers, chairs, and all kinds of party rentals to ensure that your event is a massive success.

  • Keep the food area under the tent -- When hosting an outdoor event, though the majority of your guests might be conversing all around the property, the food and seating areas need to be underneath the tent. Make sure you're utilizing a tent large enough for however many guests you've invited. Use about 200 square feet for the buffet table, 15 square feet (per person) for seating and table areas, eight square feet for standing room, and another eight square feet for a cocktail area.

Make sure you're taking the next outdoor event you're hosting seriously and keep in mind spacing and all other aspects. If you want to find quality outdoor event rentals and work with a tent rental company, give Tents For Rent a call today.