How To Guarantee A Great Time At A Garden Party

Garden parties during the spring and summer months can be incredibly fun. There's no better way to celebrate the warm weather than spending time outdoors with friends.

However, while garden parties can give you the right amount of socialization we all crave, they can go downhill if not planned in correlation with the weather. Here are some tips and tricks to ensure that your garden party is an event to remember.

Plan For All Types Of Weather

Even when the weather forecast tells you there will be nothing but sun, it's important to be prepared in case the sky decides to open up and rain on your parade. After all, most parties are planned in advance and you may not know for sure what the weather will be like until the week before.

Renting a tent will reduce the risk of your party being ruined by unexpected weather. Tented events are less likely to be rained out because guests are properly covered. And even if it doesn't rain, perfect tent rentals like a backyard party tent will keep your guests shaded from the harsh rays of the sun. Depending on the style of tent you're looking for, you can either choose from frame tents or pole tents to suit your needs.

Something else to consider for your garden party aside from deciding on the perfect tent rentals is the use of fans. Guests can easily become overheated during outdoor events in the summer. Keeping them cool should be your number one priority. If you don't have electrical fans, consider making paper fans as a DIY project. Not only will it be creative, but your guests can admire your work while keeping themselves cool.

Keep Lighting In Mind

Whether you rent a tent in your backyard or you've rented out a space for your garden party, lighting is something you'll have to think about. Landscape lighting will keep the area of your yard well-lit so everyone can see.

However, if you don't have landscape lighting at your home (or if you simply want a more romantic touch) you can consider using cafe lights or even mason jar candles. Another idea is to use hanging lanterns, which will provide your party with a soft, warm light to keep the atmosphere mellow and light.

Garden parties can be incredibly fun. But it's important to take weather and changing times of day into consideration to ensure everyone has a good time. Provide your guests with shade with perfect tent rentals, fans, and proper lighting and the focus of your garden party will be on your guests' enjoyment and not their discomfort.