Staking or weighting a tent on asphalt?

When you're installing a tent on asphalt, you have two options:

  1. Drive stakes into the asphalt.
  2. Secure the tent with concrete weights.

Let's explore each option. Driving stakes into the asphalt is what most of our customers choose. It's economical, secure, fast and easy. We only need to drill holes about one inch in diameter. After we're finished, we fill the holes with crushed stone and patch the surface with actual asphalt. When we are finished, the holes are barely noticeable.

Installing the tent with weights is a better option if there so many underground utilities that there is no place to safely drive stakes. Weighting the tent can also be necessary if drilling holes through the asphalt is not allowed. Safely weighting a tent is usually about three times the cost of a normal staked pole tent. There are several reasons for this:

  1. Weighted tents must be frame tents which are more expensive and more labor intensive to install than standard pole tents.
  2. In order to safely secure a tent with weights, there must be thousands of pounds of weight delivered, handled and pick up from the job site.

Which suits your needs best? Contact us today to find out.