Magical Ideas For An Early Autumn Wedding

With summer almost at its end, the season of early autumn weddings is upon us. Autumn is a great season to get married, with October being the second most common wedding month. And with good reason: your white wedding dress will not only stand out amongst your bridesmaids, but also the colors of the trees.

However, early autumn often differs from deep autumn. The warm weather is still lingering, the trees are still green, and cool weather is still a little ways away. But that doesn't have to mean that your wedding should be any less special. Here's how you can brighten the spirits of your wedding guests even in the heart of September.

Feed Your Guests Seasonal Food

Autumn is great not only because the high temperatures are cooling down, but also because it's the season of the harvest. Local farms can sell you fresh fruit and pumpkins for meal preparation at a cheaper cost. And the vegetables will be great for stews, soups, and sides.

It is also a great time to bring out your love of pumpkin spice. Consider using it to spice up your wedding cake from the average vanilla flavor. Or use it in apple juice for the kids. Additionally, pumpkin pies and cobblers make for a great dessert option and you can be sure your harder beverage choices won't be short of cider.

Play With Your Ceremony Location

The best part about having an early autumn wedding is that it's still warm enough outdoors that you can use a tent rental and have both the ceremony and the reception in the same place. Renting a tent saves you from having to worry about scheduling multiple locations.

Additionally, you won't have to worry about having enough space for your guests by renting a tent -- considering that the average number of wedding guests is as high as 136 people according to the Knot's 2014 Real Weddings Study. Renting a tent will also give adult guests a place to relax as the open view lets them keep an eye on the kids as they run around in the grass during the reception.

However, if you do want some separation between your ceremony and the reception area, you can even think about using a barn for the ceremony and rent a tent for the reception. A country-rustic theme is very autumn and the soft lighting in a renovated barn can be surprisingly romantic.

Have Fun With Color Palettes

Autumn and spring are some of the most colorful seasons. Consider using unique colors in your bouquet or around the wedding chairs and wedding tables to give guests a little surprise. Using a soft orange color with a deep purple, for instance, is enough of a contrast to get anyone's attention.

Or, if you're more about subtlety, use soft yellows, oranges, and browns in your wedding's color palette. It may sound a little odd in writing, but when on display these colors are just light enough to give a romantic splash of color without overpowering other designs.

Having an early autumn wedding can be just as magical and whimsical as having a wedding in later months of the year. Whichever designs, foods, or locations you choose to have your ceremony you can guarantee that you will have a wedding celebration you will never forget.