How to protect yourself from mosquitoes during outdoor events

If you frequently host or attend outdoor events and parties during the warmer months, then you need to know how to protect yourself and your guests from mosquitoes and other unwelcome guests that might be in attendance, and avoid the whole lot of you getting eaten alive by the bloodsucking hordes. Read on to find out how. And click here for more information and tips on how to avoid mosquitoes.

Mosquito repellent

This is probably the first thing that comes to mind when you think of repelling mosquitoes. Most commercially bought mosquito repellents contain as their active ingredient a chemical called DEET, which affects the receptors on your skin that mosquitoes are attracted to so that the bugs find it more difficult to find you. Whilst effective at an individual level, it's not very practical for large outdoor gatherings – especially where food is involved. After all, mosquito repellent must be applied to all area of exposed skin to work properly – and your hands are one such area. Ingesting DEET via contaminated food can cause pain and discomfort – if the dose is sufficiently large, there can be serious health complications. There's simply too much risk involved in using DEET based repellents at events where food and large numbers of people are present. DEET also has quite a strong smell, which guests may find off-putting.

Mosquito Candle

This is one mosquito control method that can be successful at large events. Mosquito candles contain chemicals like citronella that have a proven track record at repelling the airborne pests. When you light the candle, chemicals spread into the air and help keep nearby mosquitoes at bay. They have quite a narrow range, though, and there's only so many mosquito candles you can use at an event held in in open, outdoor areas. They are probably not the most effective mosquito prevention tool out there for this type of situation.

Mosquito Traps

Mosquito traps work not be repelling mosquitoes but by attracting them to a certain location where they are then killed. Some of them make use of light and heat both of which are known to draw mosquitoes; others convert propane fuel into carbon dioxide, which animals exhale with every breath, and is one of the things that helps mosquitoes find us. The beauty of these latter devices is that the carbon dioxide they emit has just the temperature and moisture content that it can fool the mosquito into thinking it is coming from another animal – or for the mosquito, a potential food source. Once the mosquitoes are lured to the source of the trap, they are sucked inside using a vacuum mechanism situated near one of the exhaust vents of the trap. The mosquitoes are unable to break out of the trap and die of dehydration within a day. Mosquito traps are a much better option for outdoor events than candles, repellent or even netting, as they provide much greater coverage than those alternatives. One powerful trap can provide defense against mosquitoes over an area spanning up to one acre.

And here you have it, the best ways to protect yourself and others from mosquitoes while attending outdoors events. Hope these tips will help you keep the mosquitoes away so you can enjoy your next outdoor event to the fullest!

Karen Thompson