How to Throw an Epic Outdoor Summer Party in 3 Simple Steps

Winter is finally over, which means you can finally use your outdoor space to throw awesome summer parties again. Instead of "having a few friends over" this year, you plan on throwing (at least) one unforgettable summer party that will blow your guests away.

So how do you go about doing such a thing? Planning a large outdoor party can be slightly more complicated than planning the indoor variety. If you want your outdoor party to be a summertime hit, follow these simple three steps and get everything right.

Write Your Invitations
Instead of sending a group text to your friends and family and hoping people show up, ditch the phone and send out a legitimate paper invite. Not only will people be more willing to come to something that you so obviously took the time to plan, it shows that your party isn't something they're going to want to miss. You don't have to only send out paper invites; you can also use a digital invite platform as long as you have everyone's email address (but you might have better look with an actual mailbox). When composing your invitations, be sure to include what type of food will be served, when it will be served (to avoid latecomers who expect food), what to wear (is it a pool party? Picnic? BBQ?), and what happens if it rains. 

Rain Precautions
Speaking of what to do when it rains, rather than hoping the weather will be perfect and you won't have to reschedule or host everyone in the house, research tent rentals. Renting a tent will not only ensure that the party will go on in the case of rain, but that people have a nice shaded area to escape the sun. When looking at tent and party rentals, note the different styles of tents. There are frame tents, pole tents, tensile tents, and more. In recent years, elegant sailcloth tents have become popular among wedding planners. You'll need to figure out which type of tent rentals are best for your party. The company providing tent and party rentals can also provide chairs, tables, and other party essentials so you look like the party planning master. 

Don't Forget Lighting
Chances are you plan on having your summer party start while the sun is still in the sky, but it most likely won't end in daylight. Which means you're going to have to figure out a lighting setup so that people aren't trying to have a good time in the dark. Your lighting doesn't have to be over-the-top, or even all that bright. As the natural light fades away, people's eyes will start to adjust so all you really need is some ambient lighting. You can hang string lights underneath the tent or around trees, flick on the porch lights, and some tiki torches or lanterns, and you're all set. 

When you're planning your awesome summer bash, don't forget these tips. You want to make sure that the whole neighborhood (or town, if you're determined enough), has a great time and looks forward to your next epic party. 

Don't take the chance and skip the tent and party rentals. You worked hard planning this party, and we can help ensure that everyone at your party stays dry and comfortable.