3 Awesome Reasons Why You Would Rent a Party Tent


If you stop to think about all of the various parties and events you've either attended or hosted throughout the years (or plan to), it can add up to a lot. With birthday parties, weddings, corporate events, anniversaries, and so much more, it seems as though there's always a party to be had. 

Now consider how many of those events have utilized an outdoor tent. Any June wedding, summer birthday, or family reunion could have easily used a rental tent. There are numerous reasons why they may have chosen to rent a tent, but here are some reasons why you definitely should for your next party.

Design the Space
One of the greatest parts about tent rentals is that they allow you to think of new and exciting ways to redefine a space. Your backyard, outdoor venue, or wherever, can transform from an empty lot into a completely different scene. You don't have to follow the standard conventions of rental tents if you don't want to, either. Consider using the tents to designate a specific focal point instead like surrounding a dance floor or band area. There are so many different options you can choose from and so many creative things you can do so that no party has to be the same. 

Add Your Style
You got the rental tents up and now you're staring at white tent walls and a wide open space. That space and even those walls are now your canvas. You can design the space however you want. Long tables or round tables? What colored linens? Would you want to hang drapery on the ceiling? How will the chairs look? These are all aspects of the design that you get to inflect with your own style. 

Be Flexible
Another aspect of event tents that is absolutely convenient is that they are completely adaptable to your needs. Tents can come in a variety of sizes which can allow you to accommodate as many guests as you need, or features. Maybe you just need a backyard party tent, or maybe you need a large tent to hold your live band and chocolate fountain. Whatever you need, a tent rental company can oblige. 

With that said, you should always consult with your tent rental company about your event. Not only to find out what is and isn't possible but also for their expertise. Their job is to make great parties and events possible, so if you have a question they'll most likely be able to provide some guidance. They might tell you that if you're using cathedral-style seating with rows of chairs, then you should allow six square feet per person. Likewise, they can provide advice on dancefloor placement, air conditioning, and more. Whatever tent or party questions you have, they can help.

If you're planning to throw an outdoor party and need a rental tent, call us today. We can figure out what sized tent you need and help you execute the perfect party.