Is An Outdoor Venue Right For Your Wedding?

Spring is in the air. And while in Texas, where I live we had a mild winter, spring is always fun because the wildflowers bloom. And of course, there are always the thoughts of the beach and the fun time it brings. 

Spring also marks the beginning of the wedding season, and if you are planning a wedding, then choosing a location is one of your first considerations. 

Just the other day, I was walking with friends on the beach, and we walked by the public beach access where a bride and groom was gathering for a wedding with their families. You could tell this was a very special moment for them. The beach venue made it extra special. Here, couples often hold their weddings on the beach and people respect them and allow them to have their space. 

What time of the year are you planning on having your wedding? The season and of course the weather along with they type of outdoor venue you select is going to play into the decision-making process. Maybe you have a large enough backyard, or maybe there is a public park or some other type of outdoor venue you want to use. The idea here is that there are many ways an outdoor wedding can help save you money. 

There can be certain inconveniences or things that must be left out. In other words, there are pros and cons. You will be watching the weather for sure, but just think about how much fun an outdoor wedding could be. You have a decision to make, so you have to weigh out the differences between an indoor and an outdoor wedding and see what you come up with.

Though one way you can provide comfort to your guests. As well as provide some shelter in case of rain is to have tents. Tents provide shade for the guests in direct sunlight. And when you rent tents from a tent provider, these will be nice tents. Not the dusty camping tents your future in-laws have in their shed in the backyard. 

The great thing about having tents is that you get to experience the outdoors without having to put everyone directly outside. 

And you can set them up practically anywhere. 

For example, at my cousin got married in his parent's spacious backyard. And by spacious, I mean 2 acres. It's built on the last piece of land that was the family farm. And he got married in late summer of Texas. When it was still warm but not exceptionally hot. And more importantly, we didn't have to worry about storms as much. In Temperature, March through May is the best times in Texas. But between the wind and consistent stormy weather, hard to plan for an outdoor wedding. 

And they rented a giant tent to put all of the guests under so that we weren't under the direct glare of the setting Texas sun. And the altar was in the center. We all sat at tables so that we could visit before the ceremony. Then they got married and that is where we had the BBQ dinner reception.

I hope from this article you have gotten some ideas about how to choose to have an outdoor wedding. And see how a tent can help make it a nicer ceremony for your guests. 

This is a guest post by Mark Wilcox of where  he shares more wedding planning tips.