3 Ideas for Upcoming Corporate Event Rentals

Tented events and corporate event rentals are our specialties at Tents For Rent. We believe every time of the year has opportunities to celebrate and show appreciation -- especially for employees -- at companies of all sizes. Outdoor events can be the perfect way to do this and with summer right around the corner, the time to start planning was yesterday.

Determining the number of people who will attend and the appropriate amount of seating is one of the hardest things about the setup process for corporate event rentals. For starters, it's a good idea to allow eight square feet per chair if you're going to be having a speech or award ceremony of some kind. 

Particulars aside, the first thing you have to decide on for corporate event rentals is what you will be celebrating. Here are a couple of ideas to celebrate and boost company morale, increase productivity, and ultimately show appreciation for the people who make your company what it is.

  1. Company Picnic: A simple company picnic for employee appreciation is one of the best ways to show you care. Not only does it give your employees a chance to enjoy a relaxing event outside, but it's also a lot easier to put on than you probably think! Let us handle your corporate event rentals, including chairs, tents, and tables. All you'll have to do is find a caterer.

  2. Memorial Day: Memorial Day is an under-celebrated holiday in this country. It is a day for honoring those who have died to give every other American the opportunity to do whatever it is they're doing today. While technically a federal holiday that should be observed regardless, it's a great idea to celebrate by providing food, drinks, and perhaps even some sort of memorization of what the day stands for.

  3. Fourth of July: Another important holiday to the history and future of the U.S. is the Fourth of July. What better way to celebrate the birth of America than at the company/business that was made possible because of it

Depending on your event's size, function, and preferences, there are two basic styles of tents: frame tents and pole tents. Check out all our options and get started on your corporate event rentals today.