Save Money On Your Wedding Ceremony By Renting These Common Items

The average length of an engagement is 14 months, according to the Knot's 2014 Real Weddings Study. This means that the average wedding is planned over the course of a little over a year. Longer engagements such as these not only give couples time to plan their weddings but also allows them to spend money on the ceremony periodically, rather than all at once.

Because your wedding lasts only a day, renting certain items rather than buying them can save you a surprising amount of money. That way, you'll be able to put more towards your honeymoon or on starting your new life together as a married couple. Here are some common things you can rent for your ceremony:

  1. Tents

    A tent rental is more common than you would think, particularly because most weddings take place in June when the weather is warm and pleasant enough to host the ceremony outside. Tents keep guests shaded from the rays of the sun and safe from heat. And if you have a particular tent style in mind, tents come two styles: frame tents and pole tents. No matter how unique your vision is for your big day, a rented tent will make it look picture perfect.

  2. Wedding Tables

    Odds are, you don't have a particular table in mind for your ceremony aside from the shape (unless a member of your family happens to be a carpenter). Therefore, consider renting wedding tables to save money for the food your guests are going to be eating on them. You can also customize them easily with tablecloths, making these rentals work well with any kind of wedding theme or color palette.

  3. Wedding Linen

    Wedding linen rentals are also available if you're looking for table covers with a more upscale appearance. And if you do have table covers in mind already, colored linen can be used for a beautiful overlay effect. It's a great way to provide a pop of color or set a mood without making a long-term investment.

  4. Wedding Chairs

    Whether your wedding ceremony is taking place outdoors with the help of a tent rental or indoors in a grand ballroom, renting chairs for your wedding is a wonderful way to save money. You won't have to worry about the location of your wedding having enough chairs when you've rented them yourself.

  5. Wedding Lighting

    One rental item that many engaged couples fail to consider using, simply because they aren't aware it's an option, is wedding lighting rentals. Lighting is often what determines the mood of a room. Therefore, it's important to use the right kind of lighting for your wedding theme or location. When you rent, you'll ensure your lighting works with your overall theme and ambiance.

    Wedding lighting rentals come in a myriad of styles including string lights for a more romantic style particularly for fairytale or rustic weddings. Commercial drop string lights can work for a more industrial flair to your ceremony. Or consider a curtain light to provide a waterfall effect. Any style of lighting you're looking for, wedding lighting rentals are available for your wedding theme and can help to save you money in the long run.

Weddings can be incredibly expensive depending on the size of the ceremony, the location, the food, and the decor. By renting certain items for their celebration, couples can save money on their wedding ceremony without having to make DIY decor.

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