Tips To Prepare For a June or July Wedding

The most popular month to get married, according to the Knot's Real Weddings Study, is June (15%), followed closely by October (14%). June is often a popular wedding month because it's the month where Spring becomes Summer, which means a wedding is less likely to be rained on as it would be in the Spring while also not being too hot.

However, planning a wedding in June or July doesn't guarantee perfect weather. The weather may be mild but the temperature is still fluctuating, and therefore you should be prepared for rain or a lot of shine. Here are some tips to ensure that your ceremony goes incredibly well regardless of what the weather throws your way.

  1. Have both an indoor and outdoor party area
    June and July are great months to have your wedding ceremony hosted outdoors because of the warm weather and flowers. However, because the temperature is beginning to rise, it may be a good idea to have an additional indoor location for your wedding in order to provide your guests with a way to cool down.

    If a wedding location has an indoor space but doesn't have much of an outdoor area aside from a yard, consider making a tent rental. A tent rental, such as a backyard party tent, will provide your guests with an outdoor space for relaxing. Additionally, tent rentals will keep them dry in the event of rain while also keeping them cool from the sun.

  2. Use fans or central air
    Even June is often considerably warm. Therefore, if your wedding is taking place indoors, be sure that your venues have central air or some other form of air conditioning unit in order to keep both you and your guests cool. If your ceremony and celebration are taking place outside, use fans to keep the air circulating and to keep elderly guests from becoming too hot.

  3. Protect your guests from the sun
    June is the month of Summer's beginning, which means the sun is going to be out more. That means your guests' skin is going to be sensitive to burns. Provide your guests with spray-on sunscreen in order to protect them from sunburn and consider using a tent rental to shade them from the harmful rays, which may be more dangerous during the afternoon hours when your wedding is more likely to take place.

  4. Serve water
    Everyone loves an open bar, but hydration is important, too. Above all else, the best way to ensure that your guests have a great time even when it's hot is to provide them with plenty of water. Hydration means a lesser likelihood of any fainting guests and also keeps people excited and moving!

Early summer is a wonderful time to have a wedding, but because the weather and temperature may be more unpredictable as the seasons change from Spring to Summer, it's important to be prepared for both rain and shine. Make sure your guests stay cool either with an indoor location or with wedding tents with plenty of wedding chairs for seating, that they are hydrated with water, and that they are shaded from the sun. The more comfortable you and your guests are, the more fun your wedding will be.