Is it cheaper to buy a tent or rent one?

I often get the question, "Could I save money by buying a tent instead of renting it?" There isn't one clear answer to this question, but here are some things to keep in mind as you make that decision:

It's better to rent a tent if:

  1. You only use it a few times a year

  2. You only use it for a short period of time

  3. You're looking for a hassle-free experience

It's sometimes more affordable to buy a tent if:

  1. You want to keep it up for a long period of time

  2. You use it many times per year

  3. You do not need a tent that is in good condition. An older tent is less expensive the a new or nearly new one

However, there are many hidden costs of owning a tent:

  1. Labor for installation, removal and transportation

  2. Storage of the tent while you're not using it

  3. Washing the tent when it gets dirty

  4. Repairing the tent

  5. Replacing the tent when it wears out

  6. Liability for storm damage to the tent

All these things come at no extra cost when you rent a tent. A very large majority of our customers choose to rent a tent. However, there are some special situations when purchasing a tent is the best option. Whether you choose to buy a tent or rent it, contact us today and we'll work with you to find the best tent for your event.